Melanie C

Melanie Chisholm may be deemed the strongest vocalist in the Spice Girls, but one thing she wouldn’t want to have is the attention of the band’s highest profile member Victoria Beckham.

Single mother Melanie, 38, says she’s glad she made the decision to keep a low profile private life all those years ago when the band begun.
Melanie said: “I decided a long time ago that I was going to live my life quietly and not be parading around. It’s hard to talk about privacy because some people will be saying, ‘you f***ing wish people gave a s**t about you’. But I was always cautious.
“The thing is with Victoria is she did obviously fall in love with David and became part of a very high profile celebrity couple and they did get a lot of attention.
“There were obviously advantages to it and it had it’s positive aspects. But these days they now have a big family and still have incredibly successful careers.
“I’m sure they probably yearn for a little bit more privacy. But to their credit they never really complain. And it’s not exactly like anybody except them knows what happens in their lives behind closed doors.”
Melanie, dubbed Sporty Spice due to her love of sportswear in the old days, says the girls have overcome any issues with working as a five-some and she won’t rule out rejoining the band at some point.
The star’s always been vocal over the years – once saying there wasn’t a “chance in hell” of reforming years before she regrouped for their Reunion tour in 2008.
“I know I have always been quite punchy when it came to saying I never wanted to be part of the band again,” she admits. “But it’s getting to the point where we’re happy working together. The doors not closed these days.
“The thing that’s difficult about doing more touring or something is that the Olympics was so huge for us. It was a massive deal. And the fact it was so big could scupper something happening again. It would have to be something very special indeed to get us back together again. I’d love to work with the girls again but, you know, everyone’s busy these days. I haven’t closed the door this time though.”
Melanie, who announced she’d split from partner Tom Starr after ten years together in the summer, is humble about what she achieved with the band. And she doubts the pop world will ever have a repeat of the success.
Mel says: “It’s difficult because things are so different now. I guess we have much more access to people these days.
“The Spice Girls were probably one of the last bands of that era that had mystery. I mean, look at the success of One Direction right now. We’ve seen everything. They were just solo guys auditioning for X Factor. But with us girls there was a little bit of privacy behind the scenes. It’s a mad world right now with twitter, reality TV and the internet. There are so many celebrities out there that live their lives in the media and it takes away all the excitement in my opinion.”
Melanie is riding the crest of a wave after a successful year. Her album Stages propelled her back into chart success, she was a judge on ITV1′s Superstar searching for a Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s arena production and she took the role of Mary Magdalene herself.
Next year she’s planning on recording another pop record and before that she’s preparing to go back on the road in the Jesus Christ production as it makes stops in Australia and the US.
First and foremost she’s going to spend as much time as possible with daughter Scarlet, three, who sounds like a hoot. Melanie chuckles when asked if she’s shown Scarlet the Spice Girls movie yet.
“Erm, she’s either to young or mummy can’t actually face to put it on,” she says. “She likes the Spice Girls. She knows mummy is a Spice Girl but often she sees the band pictures and she points to me and Victoria and says we’re both mummy. I’ll take that. Jessie J is the best person in the world. Mummy is the second.”

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