American Idol : Mariah Carey Paid $18 Million

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Mariah Carey’s new appointment as a judge on American Idol. It had jokes and clever observations. Loads of them. Unfortunately, Chrome being the absolute fucker that it is, and Apple refusing to make anything other than overly expensive crap, we lost the whole lot.
-A lot of reality TV is cruel and exploits vulnerable and stupid people. Which is why we like it.
-The Americans are better at it than us, despite the UK still being pretty fantastic at being utter bastards. They do this by being more exploitative and having bigger cruelty budgets.
-Britney Spears is as mental as some of the contestants and will almost certainly have a psychotic episode at some point
-American Idol thinks it’s such a good idea that they’ve copied X Factor and now have their very own mental patient in the shape of Mariah Carey, whom they paid $18 million for, three million more that X Factor paid for Britney
-We used to have a massie crush on Mariah when we were younger
-Seriously though, Mariah is insane.

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